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Alex O'Conor (Cosmic Sceptic) & The Absurdity of the Monarchy

May 11, 2023 Episode 39
The Philosopher & The News
Alex O'Conor (Cosmic Sceptic) & The Absurdity of the Monarchy
Show Notes
On May 6th, the coronation of King Charles III took place in Westminster Abbey in London, making him officially the head of state of the United Kingdom, the head of the Church of England, and of the UK’s Armed Forces. It also made him head of Nation of sever other counties, including Canada and Australia. 

According to polls, more than half the British citizens seem to approve of the monarchy and the pomp and pageantry that goes with it. But can a monarch ever really have democratic legitimacy? Does the monarchy perpetuate an outdated and unjust social hierarchy in British society? And even though today the role is meant to be merely ceremonial, is it really possible for the monarch to be politically neutral?

Alex O’Conor is the host of the  YouTube channel Cosmic Skeptic, with over half a million subscribers,  which is dedicated to the publication of philosophical debates in an accessible format.

He is also an international public speaker and debater, having debated ethics, religion, and politics with a number of high-profile opponents before college audiences, on radio talk shows and on national television.

Alex published a video essay soon after the death of Queen Elizabeth entitled Abolish the Monarchy, and went recently head to head with Piers Morgan over why most young people today would prefer an elected head of state, rather than a hereditary monarch. 

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